Oct 19, 2018

Our client formulates, tests and manufactures specialty greases that withstand some of the most heavily loaded applications in the world. Their lubricating greases and coatings are used in mining, industrial and construction environments and by major companies like Valvoline Oil. They ship truckloads of products out to a nationwide customer base, so it should go without saying that their logistics program needs to run like a well-oiled machine.

That’s why they called King Solutions.


We were able to get their pricing dialed in on their LTL program and offer capacity that was lacking.


The challenge
The squeaky wheel gets the oil, they say, and this client let us know exactly what they wanted in their LTL shipping program. Pricing and properly-timed shipments were their primary concerns. Their LTL costs were not dropping, and on the truckload side, their current provider was consistently coming up short on a few of their common runs. They ship products everywhere, and often, and their shipments need to be on time to keep them from running into trouble with their many customers.

In order to achieve success, and for a reasonable value, their LTL program needed to be precisely coordinated while leveraging the right carriers who could make runs on their most common lanes.

The King solution
Because of the strict budget, massive amount of shipments and timing restrictions, this was certainly a sticky situation, but it was one we were happy to clean up.

The first step involved planning, pricing and preparing for the launch of the new shipping program. We worked closely with our internal truckload department to coordinate operations with our large network of carriers, quickly identifying all available carriers who were hauling freight on their desired lanes. We also looked at their pricing and found alternative cost-efficient solutions that resulted in lower freight expenditures.

The next step was to meet with their current truckload broker who, as the client described, wasn’t meeting their needs on some of the lanes that were not customer routed. We looked to the spot market and our carriers to provide LTL and FTL quotes based on the destination, lanes used and amount of freight to be hauled.

The results
With the information they had given us, we were able to get their pricing dialed in on their LTL program and offer capacity that was lacking from their previous broker. To date, we have:

• Reduced their LTL costs
• Offered additional capacity for their truckload lanes
• Obtained faster responses to quote requests
• Increased the overall speed and reliability of their logistics program

The client has been so happy with their transition to King they are now in talks with us to begin looking at our warehouse management solutions.

Grease the wheels of your shipping program with King
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