May 14, 2015

At King Solutions, history is important to us. Not just because knowing about history helps increase our chances of becoming victorious in trivia tournaments (that’s just a nice bonus). But, because history tells us where we’ve been and what it’s taken to get us to where we are today.

And since we’ve been in the transportation industry for more than 26 years, we guess you could say we get a bit nostalgic about the history of our company and our industry as a whole.

One part of this is our partnership with the United States Postal Office (USPS). And, one way we continue to bring the best possible shipping methods to our customers is through continued education and providing feedback to the USPS at the National Postal Forum.

What is the National Postal Forum?
The National Postal Forum isn’t just a meeting that takes place (yes, there’s an annual meeting, too, but it’s more than that). It’s a nonprofit educational company that works with the USPS and business mailers to create a more efficient mail communications system.

The annual Forum allows business-class mailers the ability to build a relationship with the USPS through education of services and by providing feedback that will allow USPS to better serve their business clients, and any customers they may be representing.

A little bit of history
The very first forum happened in 1968. Over the years, the event has undergone many changes, and one of the biggest of those changes is how often the meeting is held. At times, the Forum was being held up to five times per year regionally, and also biannually. Currently, it’s being held as an annual conference (with this year’s conference happening May 17-20, 2015, in California).

What hasn’t changed throughout the years, is the Forum being a combination of a trade show and an educational conference. The ultimate goal being to keep pace with the rapid progress and changes of the mailing industry.

How do our customers benefit from our involvement?
At King Solutions, we go to bat for the things we believe in. This includes making sure that our customers are getting everything they’re looking for with our services. And when those services involve a partner, like the USPS, you can guarantee we’ll lead the way in making sure our partners are providing the best services possible.

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