May 12, 2015

It’s a straightforward problem that many small businesses encounter sometime in their life: you have too many orders to fill and cannot meet the demand of your customers.

Sounds like a problem that any business would wish they had, right? While it is true that growth is good for your business, unbridled growth could end up hurting you if it is left to spiral out of control. If you continue onward without the means of meeting the demand, you risk losing potential and current customers to the competition.

This is when you know a 3PL provider is right for your business.

The logistics industry in the United States takes in about a 176.2 billion dollars a year, with companies of all sizes being helped to meet the demand of their customers. It’s an industry that is particularly helpful to small businesses, who need the expertise of logistics providers to handle their increase in demand.

So, how can a 3PL provider help your small business grow?

They leave you more time to focus on your business
Did you start your business because you wanted to ship and store goods? Of course you didn’t, but we did.

Logistics and warehousing can take up a large portion of a company’s time and resources. By transferring that responsibility to a highly qualified 3PL provider, you can focus on running your business the way you want to.

Let your 3PL provider handle the specifics while you focus on the aspects of your business that are important to you.

They provide you with unbeatable expertise
No one knows the logistics industry like a qualified 3PL provider. Most importantly, the have a wide network that covers virtually every aspect of the supply chain, giving them access to discounts, services and other resources that may not be available to small businesses.

Your 3PL provider is able to ship your goods faster and for less money, giving your customers the fast, guaranteed service that they deserve.

They can handle the extra business
When the volume of orders increases, small business can struggle to meet the demand. 3PL providers have the resources — from warehouses to shipping methods, optimized routes and more — to take large quantities of goods from point A to point B in faster, more secure and more cost effective ways.

They can take you into the future
Do you bother keeping up with the latest technology in the shipping industry?

3PL providers have the resources available to keep up with the industry’s best technology. They can help take push your shipping methods beyond those of your competitors.

Don’t allow your small business to become obsolete in a growing industry. King Solutions keeps on growing every year and we’re here to help you do the same. Learn how King can help your small business grow by leveraging our services, technology, experience and by being a trusted advisor.

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