Apr 15, 2016

The supply chain. It sits at the center of the warehousing and fulfillment industries and the process can make or break a company’s success.

Generally, the supply chain involves processes, technology and a few key people from the distribution department. While the supply chain team starts (and often ends) here, an effective team should include members outside that team, as well.

Since our team knows a little bit about the workings of an effective supply chain, we put together a brief overview of the team we recommend for success.

It starts with talent
The human resources manager will be able to assist in locating the talent necessary to make the supply chain move seamlessly from start to finish. They will also be able to help create internal processes for each step of the supply chain.

Improving product shipments
There’s often a disconnect between products designed with manufacturing and those designed with logistics in mind. For example, products designed from a manufacturing standpoint may require odd-shaped boxes for shipment, whereas those designed with a logistics perspective may fit into a standard package, but the end-user may need to assemble the product.

When products can be designed with both manufacturing and logistics capabilities in mind, they can lead to major cost savings for not only the end customer, but the company producing the product. For this reason, every supply chain team should include a representative from the product development team.

Determining risk
Many companies act upon the ‘do more for less’ mentality. This mentality actually increases the likelihood of safety, health and environmental accidents occurring within the supply chain. A supply chain risk officer will be able to determine the costs associated with the risks while implementing changes to the supply chain process.

The capacity for promotion
When the marketing team runs a promotion, it can lead to surges in shipments. The ripple effect of this is that the distribution team has to be able to keep up with the demands this requires of them. The VP of Marketing will act as a valuable member of the supply chain team to ensure smooth working order across the organization.

The process lives and dies with leadership
At the core of the supply chain team should be a leader that recognizes the management of an effective supply chain is a complex problem. With this leadership, the supply chain team will be able to execute the steps necessary to ensure success on an ongoing basis.

Let King show you the way
At King Solutions, our team has more than 25 years of practice when it comes to creating a supply chain team that adds value to our customers. If your company is ready to explore how our team can lead the way for yours, drop us a line today.