Dec 18, 2020


As COVID-19 continues to impact people and businesses across the globe, healthcare companies are leading the way in creating solutions that help everyday people mitigate the effects of the pandemic. Testing is one of these solutions, and this King client is a global leader in the development and production of these types of diagnostic tests. They are working hard to produce and distribute COVID-19 testing equipment to hospitals, and King is a key factor in the movement and installation of this equipment. 

King’s client—who has more than 50 years of experience in the laboratory diagnostics market—came to King looking for a solution to their healthcare logistics challenge. 

The challenge
This client delivers and installs their proprietary testing equipment to hospitals and testing sites spread out across the United States and Canada. This required a reliable partner who could handle these complex installations of delicate equipment at various locations. Some locations also required the removal and disposal of equipment after it has run its course. 

The logistical issues that were presented involved shipping equipment out to North American locations and the eventual breakdown and destruction of testing equipment, often within short timeframes 

The King solution
King broke out the white gloves to help this client with its shipping and installation needs. Our White Glove Service gave their equipment a best-in-class experience that included: 

  • Quick and affordable shipping to domestic and Canadian hospitals and testing locations, or to their US-based manufacturing facility 
  • Coordinate breakdown and disposal of testing equipment as needed 

This end-to-end service required a combination of resources and partners that included available and reliable carriers. Since the removed equipment was not being refurbished, rather destroyed, King personally handled its destruction and disposal, providing a certificate of destruction that ensured the parts would not be sold to their competitors. 

The results
King’s White Glove Service and coordination of numerous partners and resources were a rousing success for this essential healthcare business. To date, we have shipped 155 pieces of testing equipment to 35 different locations and ensuring that each one was disposed of properly, an exceptional service from end to end. 

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