May 29, 2014

Are you thinking some changes in your existing transportation program would really help you to meet your goals, but nervous about the pain that might occur if you make a change?  That’s understandable, and you may have had some bad experiences in the past.  We can help.

Here is King Solutions works with you to ensure a smooth and effective transition of your logistics business into an efficient and sustainable partnership program with King Solutions, a process we call The King Way.

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1. Assessment of Your Transportation Program.  It all starts with a comprehensive understanding of how your existing transportation program really works.  We need to fully understand your expectations, perspectives and goals related to service and cost.  We understand the need to preserve any efficiencies you may already have while mutually determining what improvements could be made.  King provides a complete evaluation of your direct transportation costs and services, as well as helping to identify all other related costs and service improvement needs.

2. Identify and Understand IT Technical Requirements. The assessment has been done to understand what integration, if any is being used in your existing program.  We work collaboratively with you to provide the optimal level of integration taking into account your work flow,  requirements and preferences.  How will orders be received, and exactly how would you like invoicing done?  What detail is needed on the invoices?   On line visibility of your shipment activity is easily available to your team, as well as a complete suite of reports, metrics and time saving tools.  We also work together to determine what key performance indicators would be valuable to you, and determine how you will receive them.

3. Mutually Define the Specifics of the Program. Processes are defined and an implementation plan is put into to place.  This includes any integration needs, as well of set up of any tools or customized reporting.   A team of skilled transportation specialists is assigned to work on your business, with a primary contact assigned.  We provide them with information to understand all they can about your business, your communication preferences and all that we have learned in  the assessment.  Service perimeters and pricing is discussed and carefully reviewed.   Our team members are introduced, and additional service detail and is discussed.

4. Preparing for Implementation. Together we review all service perimeters, finalize pricing and prepare for the transition.   Tools and integrations have been reviewed and tested.   A start-up date is set.   Plans for monitoring future performance and continuous improvement are established.

5.The Program is Started.  Your team begins to realize the benefits of the program which has been carefully put together to reduce your costs, improve or maintain your service, and provide your staff more time to attend to other aspects of your business  You are in good hands, and have a trusted transportation partner.

6. A Continued Focus.  Your business and our relationship are extremely important to us.  We will have a continued focus on providing the best possible levels of service with very competitive pricing.   We will work with you in a collaborative program of continuous improvement.  We will conduct regular performance reviews with you to make sure our service aligns with your needs and objectives.

We recognize that making changes to your transportation program without a detailed assessment and solid implementation plan can be stressful.  We take nothing for granted, and work carefully with you to ensure a smooth and effective transition of your logistics business.  At King Solutions, we truly value and appreciate our customers.  We are the “3PL” that treats you like “PPL”.

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