Nov 30, 2018

first 100 days in chicago

On July 14th, 2018, we officially announced the addition of a new warehousing and fulfillment operation in Chicago. Our new facility features 143,000 sq. ft. of warehousing space and is staffed by 22 employees who execute a range of logistics services that include:  

The opening of this new facility officially united two great Midwestern shipping hubs, Minneapolis and Chicago, and while our big expansion may not convince any Bears fans to root for the Vikings, we’re extremely proud of what our new King team members are doing in the Windy City.  

Freight and fulfillment metrics: a closer look at the numbers
From picks and pallets to outbound loads, here are some of the latest numbers from our Chicago team through our first 100 days.    

Freight/fulfillment metrics 

  • 31,777 pallets moved  
  • 595 outbound loads sent  
  • 3,908 orders  
  • 11,578 lines picked  
  • 123,599 total items shipped  

We knew our Chicago team would quickly have the facility running on all cylinders. These numbers show how their hard work and dedication brings success to our clients every single day of the year. We can’t wait to see more of their shining achievements in the upcoming months.  

MaKING a Difference in Chicago
We’re always looking to make a difference in the communities where we live and work. That’s why we started the MaKING a Difference program in 2011, and we are thrilled to have brought this initiative to the city of Chicago this year. From stuffing teddy bears for the local children’s hospital to packing school supplies into 1,800 backpacks for local schools, we’ve already lent a hand to some great causes. 

We’re excited to continue working with local Chicago organizations to make a difference.   

Interested in our Chicagoland services?
One of the amazing things about Chicago is its rich history of shipping and logistics. As the city began to really take root in the 1930s, with major businesses like Sears Roebuck already calling it home, it was named the “the nation’s mail-order capital.” That’s why the USPS decided it was the perfect location for a massive, nine-story-tall facility that would soon become to main passage of mail through the Midwest. It’s also the reason why we chose this great city to be the home of our newest fulfillment facility!

Have outbound freight departing the area? Need warehousing, fulfillment or USPS destination entry services? We’re ready to talk solutions. Get in touch with us to create a program for your business today.