Jul 8, 2014

At first glance most shippers probably think yeah, green friendly packaging sounds great, but it really doesn’t fit into our business and supply chain model.  Also, it probably costs too much to change. Well, we all know changing old habits takes a bit of gumption and thought.

Here are some compelling reasons that may help you move the needle towards making a change for your organization:

1)      Environmentally friendly. Almost every day we read or hear about the signs of global warming and climate change. Whether or not it exists, reducing single use packaging can only help preserve our natural resources, which is a great thing for our planet and future generations.  Just think of the impact of using a reusable plastic pallet versus a single use wooden pallet.  The plastic one could be used for many years, saving trees and wood materials.  This is especially true for intra-plant moves and frequent customer orders. Furthermore, using a collapsible Gaylord could eliminate the need for corrugated cartons, shrink-wrap and banding.  Now this is a serious dent in reducing waste.

2)      Saving money $$$. Face it, we all hear it everyday in our industry, “how do I reduce my freight spend?”  Rates are and have been the obvious target for several years now, but most trade journals are reporting that freight rates for both TL and LTL are going to increase.  So, how do you ship smarter and get the most “Bang for your Buck$”? Switching to a durable reusable pallet or tote could help you save money and here’s how:

  • Increase the number of units per pallet
  • Double or triple stacking of pallets
  • Decrease in costs for single-use wooden pallets and corrugated materials
  • Less storage space for on-hand packaging inventory
  • Less labor for kitting costs
  • Less damage claims

As a trusted logistics partner, King Solutions is always looking for ways to help our customers do things better, which includes free advice for best packaging solutions for safe and cost effective transportation.  Click here to find out more.

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