Jul 23, 2015

Wellness by Design Gold +Green award winner

At King Solutions, we work hard to make our workplace a top pick for employees. But, we don’t want to just focus internally. We also strive to be a leader for our community and world around us.

Last month, we were recognized for doing just that.

Wellness by Design Awards recipient
Every other year, Hennepin County recognizes employers within their zone that demonstrate best practices in areas such as management support, wellness infrastructure, assessment, evaluation, communication and programming.

New this year was the addition of a +Green designation to recognize employers and worksites that do their best to reduce their impact on the environment.

King Solutions was awarded one of the top honors, a Wellness by Design Gold award and the +Green designation.

Wellness at King
As a second time winner of this award (King Solutions received a silver award in 2013), our team goes above and beyond to make wellness an important part of our office’s culture. A few ways we’re doing this is by offering stand-up desks, promoting healthy eating by offering healthy options at King sponsored meetings, using a Health Plan that reimburses for regular health club usage, sponsoring employees for organized walks/runs/bikes, and participating in the Hennepin County’s Frosty and Step-to-it challenges.

We’ve also proven that we’re reducing our impact on the environment by implementing smart-office features like our lights turning off when we’re not using a room, offering filtered drinking water and water bottles to reduce the amount of plastic we use, utilizing recycling bins and also printing double-sided. Each of these eco-friendly initiatives are part of our ThinKING Green program.

More about the award
The Wellness by Design Awards are a component of Hennepin County’s ongoing Public Health Promotion. The efforts work to reduce chronic diseases and associated healthcare costs by promoting healthy eating, active living, and a tobacco-free lifestyle.

By encouraging these initiatives within the workplace, Public Health Promotion’s goal is to make it easier for area residents to choose and maintain healthier lifestyles.

At King Solutions, we strive to step-up to every challenge that’s brought our way, including employee wellness and environmental impact challenges. So, this is just one more way we’re hoping to make a difference.

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