Nov 21, 2019

king solutions loading bays

For more than half a century, our client has filled the equipment needs of commercial contractors, establishing a large network of customers located across the country. With new job sites in various locations, it’s essential for them to have a well-oiled warehousing operation to efficiently and safely fulfill orders. Providing the equipment their clients need, when they need itis their goal. 

They reached out to King Solutions for warehouse management solutions that would equip them with everything they need to store and ship their products with a focus on three key areas: 

  1. Safety 
  2. Efficiency  
  3. Reliability 

The challenge
With high volume shipments departing daily, dock congestion was a major concern for our client. A limited number of dock doors and staging space were creating operational inefficiencies, including: 

  • Loss in productivity 
  • Increased in transportation spending 
  • Higher volume of damage claims 
  • Decreased carrier relations 
  • Decreased customer service 
  • A less safe work environment 

The client’s facility was not equipped to accommodate the volume of different carriers coming and going throughout the day. Dock congestion was leading to wasted labor, inefficient pallet handling, increased claims and less safe working conditions. Carriers experienced longer loading and wait times which impacted transit and delivery performance, and eventually decreased customer satisfaction.  

Our client needed a reliable partner who understood their supply chain needs inside and out and could provide the missing link needed to solve warehousing and shipping inefficiencies.   

The King Solution
One of the major factors the client considered when selecting a partner was King’s ability to spot a trailer so they could load all day with outbound orders. This keeps the dock orderly, productive and safe. A plan has been implemented that includes daily dock sweeps, consolidating multiple LTL and partial truckload shipments with a single pickup by King. Their team no longer stages shipments and waits for numerous live-load carrier pickups. 

King developed a warehouse solution for the storage of raw materials. We frequently swap a trailer of raw materials for the outbound trailer containing orders to be reshipped off the King dock. 

The program also created efficiencies related to carrier route optimization. With the dock sweeps and spotted trailer program in place, King has the capacity to load several carriers from our consolidation facility to meet transit and budget needs.   

The results
A new and improved load planning strategy resulted in a faster, more reliable and cost-efficient way to move their products. Centralized shipment analytics and automated order status notifications allows their team to stay informed and make data-driven decisions with more agility.  

As a result of our partnership, new light was shed on multiple benefits, including: 

  • Faster and more efficient loading of trailers 
  • Reduced dock and yard congestion 
  • A significant boost in production 
  • Better employee morale 
  • A safer work environment 
  • A reduction in transportation costs 

Bring the King solution to your business
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