Case studies

King delivers shocking results to a multi-billion-dollar manufacturer

By Cassie Stang, Business Development at King Solutions

This multi-billion-dollar electrical products manufacturer has pledged to bring safety to the world through the electrical solutions they create. They take a customer-first approach and remain dedicated to sustainability and their local community. As growing manufacturer based out of Minneapolis, with distribution throughout the United States, they made the perfect partner for King Solutions. Their […]

How King fulfilled 200 back-ordered shipments in just eight days

By David Weakly, Business Development at King Solutions

Our client, a company that specializes in providing drum and brush sanders for the woodworking and metalworking industries, had been working with our team in many capacities for more than two years. The company was growing, making sale after sale to numerous customers, but they hit a roadblock that called for some quick thinking and […]

We showed our client how 1 warehouse was greater than 3

By Jim Berge, Business Development at King Solutions

Our client is a Fortune 500 integrated communications company that provides multichannel marketing, business communications, printing and distribution services to its customers through a network of facilities across the country. If that sounds kinda complicated, it’s because it kinda is, which is why they called King Solutions for help. The challenge Large-scale printing and distribution […]

Building a solution for a company that knows building

By Alex Robertson, Business Development at King Solutions

Backed by 60 years of experience, our client manufactures specialty commercial building products for building owners, contractors and subcontractors. By delivering ten extensive product lines directly to construction sites worldwide, this major industry player makes things a whole lot easier for architects and other building professionals. What they needed was a partner to help make things easier for them, too.

Ecommerce-only pet food company asked itself, “Wanna go outside?”

By Tom Sellin, Director of Business Development at King Solutions

This Colorado-based pet food company got its start in the ecommerce space, and by maintaining a solid track record of fulfilling orders efficiently, online sales remains one of their core competencies. However, the company was growing faster than a greyhound on an all-protein diet, and was ready to take a bite out of the retail world.

King delivers Vivian Lou success with HSN

What began as a simple complaint to a podiatrist quickly turned into a game-changing shoe insert product known as the Vivian Lou Insolia® Insoles back in 2014. These weight-shifting shoe inserts subtly adjust the foot’s pitch and position in high heels, resulting in decreased foot pain, improved body alignment and posture, and an extended, comfortable wear time. But as fulfilling as this product was for the user, the company was in dire need of help with their own fulfillment challenges—especially with their big Home Shopping Network opportunity.