Case studies

Aug 23, 2019 Jan 18, 2019

Threading the needle for a global fabrics manufacturer

Over the last 20 years, this Minneapolis-based creator of specialized fabrics has etched their place in the crowded textile manufacturing industry. Their proprietary materials have been adapted for use in medical, industrial, clothing, and other applications across...
Nov 9, 2018

Energizing the supply chain of an established utility contractor

Our client provides construction services within the energy industry. Over the course of an astounding 100+ year history, the company set up satellite offices for construction sites across the U.S. and Canada, where wind, solar and other energy facilities are being...
Sep 14, 2018 Aug 31, 2018

King eliminates waste and delivers truckloads of efficiency

This environmentally conscious company has an important goal that should resonate with all of us: “developing solid waste management solutions that are environmentally friendly and cost effective.”  They help businesses and cities achieve this goal by providing waste...